Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Rochdale Canal. A Walk From Todmorden to Eastwood.

In addition to my recent series of post's about my walk along the Rochdale Canal. This section of the walk was started at bridge No.30 Rochdale Road, in the centre of Todmorden and continued along until I reached Lock No.14 Holmcoat which sits near to the A646 Halifax Road, Nr Eastwood between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge.
The walk was completed on May 31st 2014 and was a distance of approx. 2.1 miles taking about 1hr 15mins to complete. During the walk along this section I passed 5 Locks and starting with Bridge 30 as my starting point passed under 6 bridges. This section is accessible for walkers of all abilities and ages and is also popular with cyclist's.
 Bridge 30 Rochdale Road in the centre of Todmorden.
 Stretch of the Rochdale Canal between bridges 29 and 28 Nr Todmorden.

 Old Royd Lock No.17
 Water overflow between lock 17 and bridge 27.
 Bridge 25.
Lock no.14 Holmcoat.

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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Ibiza Sunset

I have recently returned from Ibiza and the hotel had a private rocky area for sun bathing, one of the things this presented you with was the opportunity to see some of the most amazing sunsets I have experienced. On the last night there I took a series of 39 pictures at 2 to 3 minute intervals tracking the sun going down to the horizon, sadly this wasn't the best sunset of my time there but I still think it was worth picturing. They were taken on July 16th 2014.
The area of Ibiza I was staying at was Portimatx and the pictures were taken looking out over the Mediterranean Sea from a cove I believe is called Punta Des Cosi.
I tried to take the pictures over the same rock formation and mostly they are but occasionally I had to adjust my position. The following 5 are a small selection of all the pictures.
 Taken at 20.09 Ibiza time.
 Taken at 20.18 Ibiza time.
 Taken at 20.33 Ibiza time.

 Taken at 20.56 Ibiza time.
 Taken at 21.08 Ibiza time.
Taken at 21.17 Ibiza time.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

All Souls Church, Halifax.

All Souls Church, Halifax was completed in November 1859 and paid for by Edward Akroyd. The church was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott. The foundation stone was laid in April 1856.
The church is grade I listed and has not been used for worship since 1979 but occasionally opens for viewing. The spire reaches a height of 236ft and is the second highest in West Yorkshire after Wakefield cathedral. The church is now looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust.
 All Saints Church Spire viewed alongside Boothtown flats taken from Beacon Hill.
 The spire which stands at 236ft making the second highest in West Yorkshire.


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Friday, 4 July 2014

Copley Viaduct, Nr Halifax, West Yorkshire

Copley Viaduct is a 23 arch stone railway bridge that crossers the River Calder, the Calder and Hebble Navigation canal, and the A6026 Wakefield Road Nr Copley, West Yorkshire.
The Viaduct was built in 1852 to connect the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway from Sowerby Bridge to Halifax. The line leaves what was the older Manchester and Leeds Railway at Milner Royd junction and continues over the viaduct to Halifax and then Bradford. The viaduct was built by Sir John Hawkshaw and is now Grade II listed.
 Looking East across Copley cricket ground.
 Looking west across Copley cricket ground.

 Taken from the embankment of the River Calder.
 Taken from Albert Promenade, Halifax which offers a great view of Copley, Norland , and Sowerby Bridge
The viaduct taken from Norland.

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Halifax Building Society. Old and New Head Office.

The Halifax Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society was formed at the Old Cock Inn, Halifax in 1853, By 1913 it had grown to be the largest building society in the United Kingdom. In 1928 it merged with the Halifax Equitable Building Society and became the Halifax Building Society until 1997 when it merged with the Leeds Permanent Building Society and became a bank.
In 1973 it moved from it's previous head office which is now the main Halifax branch serving the town to it's current head office on Trinity Road. The head office still remains although the Halifax is now part of Lloyds Banking Group

 The above pictures are of the main branch in Halifax which was originally the head office.

The above pictures are of the current head office of the Halifax,

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Littleborough Railway Station, 175 years and still going strong.


Littleborough Railway station was opened by the Manchester and Leeds Railway Company to serve the small town of Littleborough on the 3rd July 1839 with a gala ceremony. The opening to the public was the following day 4th July 1839 making the station 175 years old this week. The station served as the lines terminus until 1841 as the Summit Tunnel had not yet been completed allowing journeys to continue into Yorkshire. On the day of the gala ceremony a train left the station so that a number of dignitaries could view the ongoing construction of the Summit Tunnel. The station again became the end of the line terminus in December 1984 when the Summit Tunnel Fire and repairs closed the connecting line through to Todmorden for 8 months. Walsden station was closed at this time prior to reopening in September 1990.
 The eastbound service entrance and ticket office.
 Plaque that marks the station opening it reads as follows,
ON 3rd JULY 1839.
"ERECTED 1951"
The sign was restored by Kilpatricks funeral service in 2012.

 The eastbound platform.
 The westbound platform looking down towards the eastbound.
 Taken on the westbound platform looking across towards the eastbound platform.
  The westbound platform entrance.
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote


Timanfaya National Park is a park made of entirely of Volcanic soil that was established in 1974. There is only 1 active volcano Timanfaya which the park is named after. The area is also known as the fire mountains and were created during a series of eruptions between 1730 and 1736. The last eruption in this area was in 1824 and due to the lack of rainfall in Lanzarote appears much as it has since.
There is a restaurant inside the park called the El Diablo that users a large hole in the ground using geothermal heat to cook traditional Canarian food. There is a grill plate placed over the hole.
Upon arriving in the park there is a few demonstrations to show how hot just a few metres under the ground is including pouring water in to a hole to make a mini-geyser. You are unable to walk around the park but coach trips are included in the entry fee. I would advise on my experience that you visit with an official tour as the car queue was over a mile long just gain entrance to the park, the coach jumped this.
 One of the underfloor heat demonstrations.
 The grill that users geothermal to cook.


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