Saturday, 25 October 2014

All Saints Church, Dudwell Lane, Salterhebble, Halifax

All Saints Church sits in the parish of All Saints, Salterhebble, Halifax. The church foundation stone was laid in August 1857 and opened for worship in 1858 at the same time as the parish of All Saints was created. The church undertook renovations and extensions in 1874 and added the still in use burial grounds in 1903.

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Bankhouse / Copley Railway Tunnel, Salterhebble, Halifax.

Built in the 1850's the Bankhouse Tunnel carries the Caldervale railway line from Sowerby Bridge to Halifax. The tunnel is approx. 195 meters in length cutting through the hillside underneath woodland near to Salterhebble, the line also curves whilst in the tunnel. The tunnel eastern exit emerges above the line that connects Halifax with Huddersfield. The tunnel and line has been in continuous use since opening and were built by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway Company. Although the proper name of the tunnel is Bankhouse it is also commonly known at Copley Tunnel.
The pictures on the Copley side of the tunnel were easy to take as there is public wood that runs either side of the line, the pictures at the Salterhebble exit were quite difficult as I had to climb down a steep embankment that the tunnel runs under and through brambles and nettles to get the picture. I would not recommend anybody try this as I had help and safety gear and at no stage went within any area that had been fenced off or blocked by the rail authorities or made any attempt to get within 10 meters of the rail lines. It would be dangerous to try this.
Bankhouse Tunnel western (Salterhebble) exit.

Bankhouse Tunnel eastern (Copley) exit.
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Far del Moscarter - Portinatx Lighthouse, Ibiza.

The Moscarter / Portinatx lighthouse sits on the north coast of the island of Ibiza approx. 1.5 miles from the town of Portinatx. The walk up is quite rugged and can be achieved either through the surrounding woods or along the coast path that skims along the top of the rocks. The walk took about 30mins from the centre of Portinatx to reach the lighthouse and whilst you can not enter the tower the coastal views from the surrounding rocks are magnificent. There are no refreshment places nearby but it is only a short walk back to the nearest hotel / beech area.
The lighthouse is the tallest in the Balearic Islands and stands at 93 meters above see level with a light range of 18 nautical miles. The tower is a typical 1970's concrete structure and work on building commenced in 1975 but was not completed until 1977.


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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ibiza Wall Lizard. (Podarcis Pityusensis)


The Ibiza Wall Lizard ( Podarcis Pityusensis ) is a species of lizard that is found on the Balearic islands of Ibiza and Formentera, some parts of mainland Spain, and has been introduced to Mallorca. It is normally found in coastal areas and vegetated areas. The lizard grows to approx. 7cm in length and it's colour is mainly green but can also be grey or brown. The Ibiza Wall Lizard feeds on ants and vegetation.
These pictures were taken in and around the town of Portimatx on the northern coast of Ibiza.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

St James The Great Church, Hebden Bridge.

The St James the Great church is an Anglican place of worship that serves the community of Hebden Bridge. The church is situated at Church Lane, HX7 6DS.
The church has grade II listed statues and was designed by Pickersgill and Oates of York. The Church was built under the million pound act which was passed in 1820 to help build churches in fast developing towns. The cost was approx. £2700 and the church was consecrated in October 1833.


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Saturday, 18 October 2014

St Marys Roman Catholic Church, Gibbet Street, Halifax.

St Marys Roman Catholic Church sits on the corner of Gibbet Street and Clarence Street in the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire. The foundation stone was laid in 1834 by Fr Joseph Wright-Fairclough and the church opened in 1839. The church was badly damaged by a storm in 1861 and was restored by general subscription, It was after the first world war that the church was built to its current standing.  The church was built for the largely Irish immigrant population and was consecrated in 1934 when it was free from debt.
The church is still open for worship today.

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Cova de Can Marca, Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza.


Situated in the rocks over looking the bay of the Puerto San Miguel, Ibiza is the Cova de Can Marca, a natural cave system that once was home to smugglers but now is a tourist attraction.
The entrance offers extended views of the Puerto San Miguel and the island of Murada. The entrance is approx. half way down the cliffs and is reached by steps that have been cut out of the rocks to allow access. The cave tours are guided and cater for German, English, Spanish, and Italian tourist with each group entering separately with there guide who explains in there native language. The tour takes approx. 45mins and if I had 1 complaint it was it felt a little rushed. The entrance fee when I visited was 10.50 euros and it was worth it.
The cave is over 100,000 years old and it was in the 1970's when Belgian Jean-Pierre Van der Abeelle arrived in San Miguel that he searched for the cave entrance and exit and with help from the villages helped develop the caves into a tourist attraction. In my opinion the cave is not suitable for people who struggle walking or young children.
 Looking down the entrance steps.

The steps up from the cave exit.

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